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Set the Midnight Garden Mood
Beacon Hill's Midnight Garden fabric at DIFFA Dining by Design
The Midnight Garden prints inspired an outdoor, nighttime garden party theme for the table that the Beacon Hill design team designed for DIFFA’s Dining by Design, a fundraising event that took place in New York City at the Architectural Digest Home Design Show. They’ve shared their tips for creating your own Midnight Garden party below. To see all of the work that went into the beautiful, fabric-filled table setting above, see this behind the scenes video.
Watch The Video
Use a textured natural element like moss or ivy to dress your centerpiece and give it a lush, organic touch. For cushions, mohair velvet is a durable and soft fabric that makes for a comfortable and luxurious seat when filled with down.
Perfumer Julianne Zaleta of Herbal Alchemy says that fougère scents are perfect for setting a mysterious and inviting mood. Fougère scents have a base of oakmoss and coumarin, which you may be familiar with as the smell of fresh-mown hay, and are topped with lavender. “Scents are built from the bottom up,” she says. “I’ll choose two notes to be predominant.” For Midnight Garden, Zaleta suggests adding jasmine absolute and a hint of honey.
To create the moonlit effect of Midnight Garden we used blue pin spotlights. It’s a technique that is often used at weddings to highlight the important focal points, such as the centerpieces. You can see, above, how it is used to focus on the gorgeous Moon Blossom print and centerpiece. This can easily be applied outside or to create an elegant nighttime mood indoors.
Fresh fruits, creamy cheeses and nuts paired with a selection of wines or tea are inviting to the palette.
No party is complete without the right soundtrack. Here is a playlist to set the mood for your Midnight Garden party:
Don't have Spotify? Download it here: