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NATURAL HERITAGE: Behind the Design of Midnight Garden
Historic French and English documents served as inspiration for the exclusive patterns in the Midnight Garden collection. Elements were adapted from their motifs and fanciful color schemes drawn in. The results are patterns that celebrate the beauty of natural elements and give them a fantastical twist.
See the original documents paired with the new print below and learn more about their transformation from design inspiration to luxurious fabric.
Moon Blossom, Midnight
Moon Blossom
Moon Blossom was inspired by a late-19th century French paper document believed to have been created by an artist from the prestigious guild of William Morris. Our design team tested over fifty palettes before settling on the atmospheric Midnight and Orchid color schemes.
Enchanted Vine, Emerald
Enchanted Vine
The colors and exotic floral motif of this early-20th century English screen print on cotton caught the eyes of our designers, who reinterpreted it in five colorways as a whimsical Jacobean pattern with endless winding vines.
Hidden Temple, Emerald
Hidden Temple
A classic Chinoiserie design, this 19th-century hand-painted gouache on paper from France depicts a magical, secluded forest oasis. Beacon Hill’s design team styled the design as a textile repeat in moody Indigo and sunlit Emerald.
Lioness, Teak
The extraordinary detail in this jungle scene from a late-19th century French document was achieved by painting in gouache with a brush of 2-3 hairs. Our designers replaced the depiction of two hunters pointing poison darts at our protagonist with a friendlier design of abundant leaves.