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Floating World Fabric Inspiration Video

Floating World: Behind the Lens

We constantly seek inspiration for our designs. Floating World was sparked by a trip to Paris's Pinacothèque museum,
which hosted an exhibition comparing the works of Vincent van Gogh with those of the 19th-century Japanese artist,
Hiroshige. The post-impressionist Dutch painter was clearly influenced by Hiroshige, whose highly stylistic yet serene
prints often pictured a hazy Mount Fuji in the distance. The exhibit sparked an exploration of Japonisme and Chinoiserie,
two European decorative genres informed by the art of Japan and China. Floating World is a reflection of these two artistic
styles, but made modern through scale and color. Go behind the scenes at our photo shoot to see how the Robert Allen team
of photographers and stylists bring this silk story to life.
Seeking Inspiration: Pin It
Floating World Fabric on Upholstered Chair
Samurai Bloom Fabric on Upholstered Chair
Abres Hiroshige
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Beacon Hill Silk Solid Fabrics on Pillows
Fuji Mango Fabric on Upholstered Sofa
Coco tattoo
Silk Ocean Navy Fabric
Flowers on Tree
Caroline Hererra Dress Close Up
Sakura Teapot
Samurai Bloom Upholstered Chair
Peony King Fabric on upholstered chair
Van Gogh Olive Grove
Peony King Navy Fabric
Proenza Schouler